Windmill Park, Jaisalmer

Windmill Park

The wind farm Jaisalmer is the largest onshore wind farm in India, situated along the river Yamuna, between the Vindhya and Himalayan mountains.

The huge windmills are worth a look. It draws many visitors. Knowing about the massive project of the windmill is an opportunity that one should not miss. The Suzlon energy project was created. This reveals how Suzlon powerfully represents its customers.

Via Suzlon foundations, the wind park illuminates the lives of the city. It has affected the hygiene, water supply and tree plantations of over 5000 families in over 70 villages in the Jaisalmer district. Some of the main clients of Suzlon such as Mytrah Energy, Hindustan Zinc Ltd., Hindustan Petroleum Corporation, etc. are located on the wind farm.

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Windmill Park, Jaisalmer


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