Wagah Border


Wagah Border, a place where if one doesn’t visit on their trip to Amritsar, well, its called to be incomplete. Wagah is a small village located in between Amritsar of India (27kms) and Lahore of Pakistan (29kms). It is the geographical boundary which separates India and Pakistan.

The specialty of this place is the ceremony held every day to formally close the border for the night. With the ceremony coming to end, even the National flag is taken off. It is done before sunset and there occurs an entertainment ceremony as patriotic performance daily. People call it spell-binding and there arrive hundreds of civilians at this one ceremony to witness around the discipline of the poise army men.

We all plan a trip to Jallianwala Bagh, Golden Temple but we forget to cover in our list this one geographical boundary that holds such essence of patriotism, daily.

For ones who wish to get a perfect view of this retreat ceremony, get the best seat by being an early bird, probably before 3 p.m. In this way, one will have enough time for security checks and depositing their bags before they get their ideal seat at the amphitheater. Make sure you do not miss any part of the same, it is one great feeling to be a part of such a retreat ceremony.

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Wagah Border Parade Timings

At Wagah Border Beating Retreat Ceremony starts at 4:15 PM in winter and 5:15 PM in summer. It lasts entry is before 45 minutes. You need to arrive at least an hour ago before the ceremony after that you are not able to seen this retreat ceremony. The Wagah Border gate remains open from 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM.

Tips For Visiting Wagah Border

1. You are mobile service are not available at Wagah Border because jammers in the service ares.

2. Lots of croud at the entrance gate but once you get through you are taken to the selected seats.

3. Proper seating arrangements are made for the visitors. Selected seats are reserved for women, while general seating is allowed for men.

4. There are separate stands for foreign tourists, Just behind the VIPs.

5. Cameras are permitted. You are not allowed to carry bags, whether large or small. Lockers facilities are available to keep your belongings at the cost of INR 50.

6. Foods(Water bottle and snacks) stalls is located near to the entrance.

How To Reach Wagah Border

You can choose taxis or private buses from Amritsar that drop off you at the custom post, located a 100 meters away from the Wagah border entrance gate. Shared taxis are available at the southeast gate of the Golden Temple, cost around INR 120 per person. The cheapest option to reach the Wagah Border is the buses to Attari to Amrtisar and cost is around INR 30 per hour.

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Wagah Border

Trip Facts

  • The best option to reach Wagah Border is the buses that run to Attari from Amritsar and cost INR 30 per hour. You can also travel by an auto from the bus stand.


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