Vajra Bhairav Shrine, Leh Ladakh

Vajra Bhairav Shrine, Leh Ladakh

The shrine of Vajra Bhairav is devoted to the custodian god of the Gelugpa sect and is considered amongst the most revered and holy places of Ladakh. The shrine is located at Spitnuk at a distance of 10 kms from Leh and is easily accessible by road. It was built in the 15th century and was previously administered by the Kadampa School.

The shrine assumes great importance as it is opened only once a year as it is believed to possess mystical powers, and therefore be kept veiled most of the time inside the chamber in the shrine to avoid the powers from taking any negative effect on the devotees. The chamber where the idol lies can only be visited by highly ordained priests.

The shrine houses a collection of armaments, ferocious masks, religious depictions, as well as beautiful thangkas. Thongs of visitors arrive to catch a glimpse of this powerful deity and express their utmost devotion to the guardian Lord. This Vajra Bhairav shrine dates back to hundreds of years and has centuries old murals and paintings on display within the premises. Other popular attractions also lie within the vicinity of this shrine, including the Spituk Gustor, Mahakal Mandir, as well as the Spitnuk Monastery.

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Vajra Bhairav Shrine, Leh Ladakh


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