Universal Peace Hall, Mount Abu

Universal Peace Hall

The Universal Peace Hall in Mount Abu is the main meeting hall for the Brahma Kumari Spiritual College, established in 1983 and is also known as the Om Shanti Bhavan. The serene white framework has 5,000 seats and a traduction service in 16 languages is accessible at different events simultaneously. Universal Peace Hall is a popular tourist spot that is reported to be visited by more than 8,000 people every day.

While you’re here, a Brahma Kumaris member will bring you together to enjoy an engaging session on daily values and the resolution of tension in your life. The Shastras and the Puranas are given with a view too. Meditation is a focus on well-being in general. One can see how important it is to look at one’s beliefs, karma and life wheel. A center for studying Rajya Yoga Meditation is also the Universal Peace Hall. On your stay, you will participate in numerous conferences, workshops, classes, spirituality and meditation seminars that take place throughout the year.

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Universal Peace Hall, Mount Abu


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