Tsemo Monastery, Leh Ladakh


Surrounded by the Himalayas and nestled in a peak in the backdrop of the Leh Palace lies this jewel of Leh called the Tsemo monastery. The monastery was built by King Tashi Namgyal in the 15th century. The king was devoted to Buddhism and to show his respect, he built the monastery above his palace. Apart from the tranquility and spiritual experience, once can experience breathtaking views by soaking in the beauty of the gentle Indus river, the expansive Zanskar range, and the spectacular countryside.

The monastery houses a large hall for gatherings and there is also a temple within, which is festooned with vintage paintings, beautiful murals, and alluring statues of Lord Buddha in various positions and styles. A massive three storied statue of Maitreya Buddha adorns this monastery and fills visitors with awe due to the sheer size and magnanimity of the structure. Two other statues, those of Manjushri and Avalokiteshwara, rising one story high also find place in this monastery.

The monastery is part of the palace-gompa structure and appears to be engraved as a jewel above the Namagyal Tsemo Palace, a nine-story high edifice which is an attraction in itself with its stunning landscape and meticulous upkeep.

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Tsemo Monastery, Leh Ladakh


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