Trilokpur Temple


Trilokpur temple is a highly worshipped and widely acclaimed temple in Himachal Pradesh. Its history, as well as the popular, believes about the temple makes it a favorite religious station.

It is located in a solitary hill. As the name trilok indicates here is adjacent three Shakti temples in the area. It situates around 24 km northwest from Nahan. Different faces of Durga Devi is portrayed in each temple. A beautiful childhood image of the goddess Durga is characterized in the first Bhagawati Tripur Bala Sundari temple. The second Sakti temple dedicated to Bhagawati Lalitha Devi is 3 kilometers away from the Bala Sundari Temple. The third, Sakti temple Tripur Bhairavi situates 13 km northwest of Bala Sundari Temple.

As per the famous belief prevailed there, Goddess Maha Maya Bala Sundari appeared in a daily basket of a merchant, Ram Dass. He was wondered when he noticed that the sault bag is filled again and again even after he sold it many people. At the very night, Goddess appeared in his dream. She advises him to take the PINDI Swaroop of herself from the bag and installed it in Trilokpur. Later he was directed to build the temple and it is his descendants who are doing the main pooja ceremony in the temple still.

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Trilokpur Temple


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