Toboggan in Kufri


A toboggan is a simple form of the sled. It existed in use since ancient times. It is believed that it’s earlier form was used mainly by Innu and Cree of northern Canada. So what if exploring deep in a snowy land is available in the shades of mighty Himalayan ranges on a toboggan? Yes, one such place is available in Kufri in India. Kufri is a small hill station in Himachal Pradesh and it is very famous for toboggan sliding. It has become one of the major recreations in Kufri in fact.

Speaking about tobogganing in Kufri, it is important to note that the toboggan in Kufri is not of an ancient type. But modern benefits have been added to it.

Tobogganing will bring back your childhood days. Halting the snow with a sled and splashing it around will be childhood dream come moment.

One can sled down the snow alone or with the company through the valley. February is considered to be an ideal time for enjoying the snow enveloped arena of Kufri. It does not matter whether you are a novice or an experienced person in handling the sled. Kurfi will be indeed a playground for you. So don’t miss it if you ever get a chance to be in Kufri.

Tobogganing is becoming the latest obsession and sport to be played by the tourists on snow-covered mountains in Kufri. The sledge lets you slide down the snowy mountains and can be taken by either one or two people at one sledge. It was used for transportation from one place to other in earlier times but now has become a sports activity to be played in winter on the mountains of Kufri.

Experience the joy of taking Tobogganing

There are reasons why the winter sport is getting popular among the tourists. It provides you with various experiences that you would cherish forever just within a few minutes of the ride. This is a must-do activity that everyone should do while being in Kufri.

  • The travellers can sit on the flat sledge and slide down the mountains that are covered with snow. It gives you the panorama that everyone would like to enjoy.
  • You’ll be witnessing the enchanting scenes of mountains peaks & valleys, green meadows at some areas and water streams that are all captivating.
  • People try this with their partners in order to have the utmost pleasure of the beautiful mountain ranges.
  • This can be taken up within the minimum cost and get a delightful ride through the snowy trails of the mountain in Kufri.

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Toboggan in Kufri


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