Toad Rock, Mount Abu

Toad Rock

Mount Abu is noted for its rich rock formation, including the intriguing toad rock. Toad rock on Mount Abu is situated on the main trekking path near Nakki Lake in the Aravalli range. The environment is nice and it is perfect for trekking and climbing with an incredible view of the lake and the hills.

The Toad Rock is a colossal stone block, situated in Mount Abu, south of Nakki Lake and is like a toad that jumps into lake waters. It is one of the most famous places in all visitors’ itineraries, known as Mount Abu mascot. You should ascend the rock and catch the stunning scenery to see the panoramic beauty of the surrounding lake and greenish hilly regions.

The Toad Rock path starts near the Nakki Dam, with 250 steps upwards. The path is surrounded by greenery, which allows for comfortable walking, although it may be daunting for some. The staircase is partly broken, meaning that for elderly people and children it is impossible to ascend.

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Toad Rock, Mount Abu


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