The Tomb of Akbar the Great

Akbar, commonly known as Akbar the Great was the third Mughal emperor. He ruled for around 50 years and was one of the most famous rulers of Mughal dynasty who firmly established the Mughal rule in India. He was an extremely successful emperor and an able general who won many wars and dream of uniting the Indian subcontinent under one rule. He gave equal importance to all religions and made people-oriented policies which made him people’s king. The Mughal Empire truly flourished under his rule and expanded to almost major parts of India.

He made many historical buildings and also constructed the famous Fatehpur Sikri in Agra. Akbar’s tomb is another architectural masterpiece of Mughal era. Its construction was started by Akbar and was completed by his son Jahangir in 1613. It is situated in Sikandra a small place near Agra. The area occupied by it is around 119 acres.

It is a grand structure made of red sandstone and white marble. There are two entrances to this structure. The main entrance to the tomb is through South gate and it is flanked by two minarets which are about 70 feet high. There are many gardens designed in geometrical shapes and pathways lined with palm trees. The red sandstone mausoleum is the centerpiece of the whole complex.

You will be amazed at the detailing of the craftsmanship and intricate designs on the walls, gates and the domes. The minarets of white marble are quite similar to those at the Taj Mahal. In the burial chamber, there is a rectangular pyramid in the centre which is the final resting place of Akbar the Great. You will be able to experience an eternal calm and peace at this place would love to come back at this place again.

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Tips For Visiting The Tomb of Akbar the Great

The foreigners who purchase the Agra Development Authority toll ticket of INR 500 for Taj Mahal , don’t got to purchase the other toll ticket if they visit Akbar’s Tomb on an equivalent day.

How To Reach The Tomb of Akbar the Great

The tomb of Akbar is found on the Mathura Road at NH-2 and lies around 8 km from the town centre. the simplest thanks to get to Akbar’s tomb is by hiring a cab or an auto rickshaw from any a part of the town .

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The Tomb of Akbar the Great


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