The Parliament House


The parliament house is the circular building that has been designed by the Herbert Baker and founded by Duke of Connaught in 1921. It is located in Delhi in the northwest of the Vijay Chowk and housing various ministerial houses, and libraries and committee rooms. The building of the parliament house is designed in the imperial style with a domed central hall and three curved buildings used for the meetings held by Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha. People come to visit the Parliaments house to get the feeling of a proud citizen of a democratic country.

Things to do at the Parliament House

Travelers can visit the Parliament house any time of the year but the winters would be the best to explore it in the favorable weather. The building has a great significance in relation to the Indian constitution as this is the place where the constitution was written.

There are plenty of things to do around the Parliament house and we have listed some of them that you can check out one by one below.

  • The parliament house has magnificent gardens and fountains that enhance the beauty of the building.
  • There is a museum in the parliament’s house that hosts the light and sound videos and interactive sessions in order to educate the people about the Indian heritage and constituency.
  • The building allows visitors to come for free and behold the charm of the large building between 11 am – 5 pm. You might have to take permission to get inside the compounds of secretariat building.
  • You can make a visit to the Mughal garden that is at a distance of 2 Km from the Parliament house and offers spectacular views with amazing architecture.
  • You can also visit gurudwara Rakab Ganj Sahib to seek the blessings and the distance can be traveled within 10 minutes.

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The Parliament House


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