The Mall, Shimla


The Mall constructed by British rulers is the main road in Shimla Himachal Pradesh. It is located at a level below the ridge. As vehicles except for the emergency one are not allowed here. Hence it is a complete getaway place for pedestrians to bargain, to buy and to mingle with the natives.

As the term mall, signifies the area houses so many showrooms, department stores, shops restaurants, and cafes where people can opt for a good walk along and consider tasting the local eateries.

The scandal point where there is a statue of Lala Lajpat Roy is another place for the interest of the people in Mall Road. However, the name scandal point does not have anything to do with the statue.

The once prominent theatre, Gaiety also located in Mall Road and inaugurated it on 30 May 1887. The theatre had witnessed the performance of great artists and now it has been rejuvenated without risking its originality as a historical place.

There is another architecture naming the Town Hall that exhibits its pre Independence glory before the beholder. Apart from all of these historical symbols and trade hubs, there is also a Kaali Temple in the Mall Road which adds an extra spiritual fragrance to Mall Road.

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The Mall, Shimla


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