The Gurkha Gate, Shimla

The Gurkha Gate, Shimla

The Gurkha Gate is considered to be one of the oldest gateways of Shimla. The gate stays in the Chaura Maidan Road, at a distance of 1.5 km from Shimla railway station. It is the important gateway to the historical Vice Regal Lodge, which was once used as the home of the ruling viceroy.

It is a monumental gate built in the memory of Gurkhas of Nepali origin, as they had given great support for the British government in protecting the Himalayan region. The gate was built according to the decree of Lady Curzon the then vicereine of India. She was greatly moved by the sacrifice done by the Gurkha Soldiers. Therefore, she initiated the building up of the gateway. It symbolises the resistance of the Gurkha blood. The gateway building had timber-framed Dhajji houses that accommodated the soldiers.

The well maintained Gurkha gate displays British architecture and stonework. Gazing at the stone structure of the Gurkha gate itself is a voyage to history that witnesses the hot blood of the Gurkhas. In addition it is worthier to call upon as it stands for a monument of a historical cause. What makes a journey complete without understanding the local history !

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The Gurkha Gate, Shimla


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