The Glenn, Shimla


The Glen is an enchanting U shaped valley in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. The Glen valley upholds the prominent biological and geographical characteristics of the Himalayan Valley. The thick forest of trees like deodar and pine and the snow engulfed areas around it together constitute a picturesque sight not only for the eyes but also for the minds of the visitor.

As the Glen valley stays at a distance of 4 kilometers from the main mall road, hence, reaching the Glen is not difficult. Also, other parallel vehicle facilities are available. But many would prefer to walk on foot. In fact, an easily accessible shorter distance and the mesmerizing sites around the valley prompt others to stroll up for their own to witness the charming valley down.

There is a hiking trail from Glen to Summer hill and Chora Maidan which receives a large number of visitors every time. What makes Glen more popular among the visitors is the gushing sound of a stream here and the small yet beautiful waterfall in the valley. The encircling cool atmosphere and the enchanting smell of pure vegetation add to the list. It is an exact walk away spot to stop for creating gorgeous memory with friends and family.

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The Glenn, Shimla


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