The Desert Culture Center and Museum

The Desert culture center and museum

Next to the center of town is the Desert Culture Centre and the museum. There is a wide variety of old traditional screenplays, objects, devices and a wide selection of weapons, jewels, and arts. The Tourism Department manages the Museum and is a must-see for historic tourists.

Desert Cultural Centre & Museum, considered as a landmark in Jaisalmer, exhibits local musical instruments, old currencies, and antique coins, the traditional women’s jewelry, the hunting equipment of mine, the historical exhibition of rulers of the past and the armor of the armies. This place offers visitors a live puppet show. Jaisalmer’s tourism is well preserved and has very rare coins related to the history of Jaisalmer and the past of Rajasthan in its entirety.

A favorite attraction for academics and researchers in this well-maintained museum.

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The Desert Culture Center and Museum


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