Sunset Point, Mount Abu

Sunset Point

Without a Sunset, a destination is not complete, and Mount Abu is no exception. The surreal panorama of the rugged Aravali, sunk by the radiating rays of the sun, attracts dozens of visitors to this picturesque place near Nakki Lake. Mount Abu’s Sunset Point is regularly visited by nature lovers who enjoy sunset rays. It is a beautiful shot, since, in comparison with the lush greenery behind the Aravali Ranges, you can admire the vibrant sky when the sun sets, painted in red and orange tints.

The climate makes it easy to enjoy the sunset in peace without the burden and the noise of the town from Mount Abu Sunset Point. The nearby Bailey’s Walk is a popular tourist and children’s tour. Tourists would like to come out early to get a simple and untouched view. Many people carry only a blanket to the picnic site of Mount Abu. The temporary stalls here can be purchased for a wide range of marble sculptures, sandal-wood idols, and wooden toys. Mount Abu’s Sunset Point is covered by railroads and has staircases built so that people can rest and relax.

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Sunset Point, Mount Abu


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