Suketi Fossil Park, Nahan


Have you ever thought about meeting up with fossils of the dead animals, birds, and trees that lived millions of years ago in India itself? Yes.
Suketi Fossil Park or the Shivalik Fossil Park in Nahan, Himachal Pradesh is the first in Asia of that kind. Fossils were discovered out of this place which dated back to 8.5 million years as well.

Suketi fossil park is 21 km away from Nahan and it dwells on the verge of Markanda River. It has been working under the Geological Survey of India and Himachal Pradesh Tourism. It is best to place to visit with your children. There are six life-sized fiberglass models of animals of the prehistoric period that will add extra enthusiasm for them as well as the elders.

Many scientists and scholars visit this place for their research purpose therefore, the museum inside the park serves a good purpose by offering fossils, models, charts and paintings connected with the life and existence of the flora and fauna culture. Many vertebrate fossils and skeletons were dug out of the area where the park situates.

Due to geographical specialties, sandstone and rocks are seen mostly.

The surroundings are well maintained in order to give a splendid treat for who’s eyes visit here out of the scientific quest on the prehistoric era.

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Suketi Fossil Park, Nahan


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