Stok Palace, Leh Ladakh


Famed as the summer palace of Ladakh’s royal family, the Stok Palace is a confluence of conventional and contemporary styles of architecture. It was built by King Tsespal Tondup Namgyal of the Namgyal dynasty in the 19th century, and currently houses the successors of the royal family. The palace is situated in a valley called Singey Sangpo and is surrounded by scenic landscape of the valley and the rising peaks.

The palace has a huge library with an impressive collection of Kangyur, the preaching and philosophies of Lord Buddha. There is a total of 108 volumes of the Kangyur in this library. Bibliophiles as well as Buddha followers will find this place truly engaging. The palace has turned several rooms into museum, which displays the treasures of the royal family, including the family’s heirlooms, garments, jewelry, as well as a sword which is bent into the shape of a knot by a trusted oracle of the king.

You can experience royalty by living inside the palace, as a section of it has been converted into a heritage hotel with 6 rooms and a small eatery. An annual masked-dance festival is organized at the palace with local participation and can be a treat to watch and partake of.

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Stok Palace, Leh Ladakh


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