Stanka Monastery, Leh Ladakh


The Stanka Monastery lies at a height of about 60 meters on a boulder and at a distance of 25 km from Leh. This iconic monastery was built around the 16th century by Chosje Jamyang Palkarn, a sage and a renowned intellectual from Bhutan. The monastery draws huge crowds, both domestic as well as foreign, owing to its glorious past, rich traditions, spiritual heritage, breathtaking views, and serene ambience.

The monastery, now believed to be a Buddhist heritage, houses several pieces of rare artefacts and paintings, which are looked after by the Drupka monks residing here. A major attraction at the monastery is a striking statute of Avalokiteshvara made of marble. This statute is believed to have been brought over from the state of Assam. Apart from this, there is a museum which showcases several pieces of weapons and armaments belonging to the Middle ages. The Stanka gompa disseminates the teachings and morals of Buddhism by way of the various written material and manuscripts stored inside its library. An interesting aspect of the monastery is that it is also referred to as ‘Tiger’s Nose.

Monastery’, since the boulder on which it stands appears to be shaped liked a tiger leaping at the sky. A must visit place, this monastery is a striking combination of beauty and spirituality.

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Stanka Monastery, Leh Ladakh


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