Spituk Monastery, Leh Ladakh


Spituk Monastery or locally known as Pethup Gompa was instituted by Od-de when he visited Maryul in the 11th century. It is located on a slope at a height of 3500 meters on a precipitous peak, around 8 kms from Leh. Spituk, which means admirable, was the name given to the monastery by a Tibetan translator Rinchen Zangpo who translated Sanskrit manuscripts to Tibetan. Earlier the monastery was administered as per the teachings of the Kadampa school, but later it came under the aegis of the Gelugpa school.

It currently houses around 100 monks and is a striking structure bearing the embodiments of Buddha as well as the fine thangkas or religious silk paintings, apart from the various mini Lamaist monuments or chortens and sculptures. The monastery also treasures an assortment of antiquated masks and old-fashioned arms. The edifice has been redone by adding a few layers, steps, and a patio. There is also a place for meditation where visitors can conduct contemplation and offer prayers. The upper segment is a Mahakal Temple, with a grand statue of Vajrabhairava. The statue remains covered most of the time except during festivals in the months of January or February.

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Spituk Monastery, Leh Ladakh


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