Skiing in Kufri


A Snow laid over wonderland namely, Kufri will entertain you with another dream come a true moment. It is the skiing. In a comparatively higher stature what Kufri can offer is ideal snow engulfed land for the perfect adventure sport lovers. It is around 21 kilometers to go from Shimla to reach Kufri.

Skiing stands for action of traveling over snow on skis. It’s available in different sizes also. The skiing can be approached either as a sport or leisure. Don’t be confused that it is for the experienced alone, but Kufri has reserved skiing routes for the first-timers too. Here in Kufri skiing entry fee starts from INR 300 onwards for a usual one or two hours. If you need extra hours you can avail of it on charges.

The tourism festival offers by the state tourism department displays various winter sports in hand. Hence the best time to explore and make fun in Kufri is during the winter season.

From the initial days of snow falling to the melting of it into moisture, the area is always filled with joyful skiers. If you wish to create mesmerizing winter vistas no doubt, skiing in Kufri is your best choice for a lifetime experience.

Adventure and fun in Kufri

The travellers are advised to go here starting from December to February because of the snow carpet that covers the mountain during this peak time of winter. Moreover. It has deep valleys and slopes that offer a thick layer of the snow providing a thrilling experience while skiing.

  • You can go to the small pond where most travellers visit to have an unmatched skiing experience.
  • You can experience the adventurous skiing irrespective of you being a beginner or an experienced skier with a guide, equipment etc.
  • The slopes of the hills are adventurous so, you can indulge in Heli skiing and take it up if you’re an expert in the sports.
  • Indulge in sightseeing during skiing and make it more enjoyable for yourself.

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Skiing in Kufri


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