Simbalbara National Park, Nahan


Simbalbara National Park is a distinguished tourist place. The virgin forestry houses many species of flora and fauna and situates in the Paonta Valley of Himachal Pradesh. Now the pure leafage that stays in 350 to 700 altitude is under the preservation of the Tourism Department of Himachal Pradesh.

Once it was a hunting spot for the rulers and later it was acclaimed as a National Park in 2010. It has a circumference of around 27.88 kilometers. It is the Shivalik hills that bear the Simbalbara National Park. It is located near to the Haryanas Kaleswar National park. The overlapping of Punjabi plains with Western Himalayan flora and fauna add to its biological importance.

The place displays a deeper understanding into the beauty of the wilderness. The park has a good population of animals, birds, insects, and reptiles. The time period between October to March is considered to be the best time to visit the national park.

A regular stream and a waterfall inside the national park together create a great ambiance, for the visitor. The Shivalik ridge is considered to be the most important physiographic feature of this area.

There is a rest house in the Simbalbara National Park in order to provide a comfortable overview of nature.

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Simbalbara National Park, Nahan


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