Scandal Point, Shimla


People visit the Scandal Point out of curiosity aroused by hearing the name. In addition, to this, its location also led the visitors to the point. In Himachal Pradesh, on the western edge of Shimla, two of the most important roads, the Mall road, and the Ridge Roads meet at the Scandal Point.

This small square in the heart of the Shimla town owes its name to an incident in the past. It is said that a lady of British origin had eloped with Indian Maharaja. By knowing this, the British banned him from entering the town. But he erected another summer resort. The resort is famous as Chali which is 45 kilometers away from Shimla.

A statue of Lala Lajpat Rai adorns the square as it declares the historical resistance that Indian’s put forward against the British Imperial Rule. Though the statue has nothing to do with the name scandal point, now the statue is the main attraction of the square.

It is in this square that the General Post Office of Shimla also situates.

The scandal point is a mere witness to the history of Shimla. In fact, it exhibits the past of India under British and houses one of the major freedom fighters in its womb.

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Scandal Point, Shimla


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