Rani Tal, Nahan


Rani Tal or Queen’s lake is in Nahan, Himachal Pradesh. It situates in the heart of the middle of the town but possesses a nice green atmosphere. In local language Taal indicates a lake. Hence visiting Rani Tal in the evening is good evening refreshment for the natives as well as the visitors.

There are a small Shiva temple and a small temple dedicated to Lalita Devi beside the lake. As there are many fishes and turtles are in the lake, one can spend time feeding them. An adjacent garden to the lake and the fountains attached to it also helps in refreshing the minds of the visitor.

There is a small tunnel leading to the palace which shows that it was once a recreation area of the royal people.

There is boating facility available to the visitors. As many can visit this place for religious as well as recreational purpose Rani Tal is a perfect place for every type of person. There are good transportation facilities available, therefore, visiting Rani Tal is not a big deal too. A religious person can be benefited from paying a visit to the temples. Otherwise, if you wish to visit a place in your free time you can go to Rani Talab for free.

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Rani Tal, Nahan


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