Rangji Temple


The Rangji temple is among the most famous temples of Vrindavan and is dedicated to Lord Vishnu who was personified as Rangji. The temple has south-Indian style architecture and was built in the year 1851 by a businessman in order to show his gratitude towards Rangji. It has high walls and a height of 50 feet with a facade, a large Kund and a towering golden pillar in the courtyard of the temple. You will find numerous visitors paying their offerings and thanks in the temple every day.

Majestic temple at the Holy land

Every corner of the temple is awe-inspiring and welcomes the visitors due to the love and affection of devotees towards the Radha Rani and Lord krishna. It is the prime attraction of the Vrindavan that shows the devotion of the people towards the almighty.

  • The temple has a stunning idol of Lord Vishnu lying on Shesh Naag which he used to take as a carriage.
  • The temple boasts the huge population of devotees from around the country during the Chariot festival of ten days.
  • It is an epitome of architecture and attracts tourists from around the world
  • The magnificent temple is visited by the devotees due to its tranquility of the land and holy vibes inside the temple.

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Rangji Temple


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