Raghunath Temple, Mount Abu

Raghunath Temple

The temple Shri Raghunath Ji is a 650-year-old temple, dedicated to the reincarnation of Lord Vishnu, on the shores of Nakki Lake at Mount Abu. It was often visited by Vaishnavites finding the temple to be one of Earth’s most holy sites. It’s assumed that Ji Raghunath would save his followers from all-natural disasters and free them from the suffering and problems of their lives. Mewar’s architectural heritage can be seen by many inscriptions and the Raghunath Temple is home to delicate paintings and sculptures. One of the main attractions is the exquisitely sculpted statue of Shri Raghunath Ji.

The myth is two legends, one a tale of a lovely princess who has refused his love affair with the ruling son of Mount Abu. It is thought that she died young because her lover could not marry and in her memory, the temple was built. Shri Ramanand, a prominent Hindu scholar from the 14th century, founded the Raghunath Temple in Mount Abu.

During the whole year, admirers rush to the temple and for Vaishnavite fans it is especially significant. A visit to the Temple can be paired with an anticipation and motivation visit to Nakki Lake and Toad Rock. Compared to other places to visit in Mount Abu, so do not let Shri Raghunath Temple go alone. The Temple is exceptional.

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Raghunath Temple, Mount Abu


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