Raghunath Ji Temple, Kullu


Kullu valley is one of the prominent tourist destinations during a Himalayan trip. As the land is known as the Valley of Gods owing to the number of temples in and around it, other than a tourist destination tag, it deserves much more attention as a pilgrim site, too.

The Raghunath Ji temple is exclusively dedicated to Lord Rama situated in a 2056 meter height from the sea level. It was constructed by the former Kullu ruler Raja Jagat Singh in the year 1660. It’s an alluring architectural beauty demonstrated in a mixture of Pahari and Pyramidal styles.

Among the temples that adorns Kullu, Raghunath Ji Temple breathes high air of honor in the minds of local people also. It’s because of the historical importance behind the establishment of the temple. According to the popular folklore, the temple was constructed as an apology for Raja Jagat Singh’s past guilts. Raghunath Ji is another name for Lord Rama. The King got the idol used in this temple from Ayodhya and it is believed to be the same one used by the King himself during Ashwamedha Yaga.

Even if you are not a religious person, you can move toward the temple with a historical perception. Whatever may be your main purpose of visiting, the temple and its captivating setting will hold you tightly to it. It’s a photogenic place too. The warm spring and the forest around the temple are extra treat for the visitors.

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Raghunath Ji Temple, Kullu


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