Rafting, Kullu

Rafting in Kullu

River Rafting in Kullu is quite popular among the tourists who come here to spend their vacations. This water sport is adventurous and makes their trips worthwhile when they rush downstream along with the flow of the river. This could be done in different water conditions, turbulence and current depending on the experience of the rafters. There are many rafting points in Kullu that attract the national and international tourists for the adventure.

Adventurous Water Sport in Kullu

People come to experience this water sport in Kullu, whether beginners or experienced, it is ideal for every kind of tourists. Travellers can take-up river rafting or white-water rafting depending on the risk they want to take.

  • District Pirdi at the Beas river could be a great selection for rafting in Kullu. But for the more seasoned rafting Spiti river in Lahaul that travellers can opt for.
  • Beas River Rafting is pretty popular for foaming waves when you feel the water sprinkled on your face and race on the undulating water.
  • You can experience the more thrill by witnessing the mountains, greenery and scenes throughout the distinct rafting points in the way.
  • You can choose the destination as per the rafting time you want to take up and enjoy the rides for as long as you want.

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Rafting, Kullu


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