Radha Raman Temple, Vrindavan


Radha Raman temple in Vrindavan is dedicated to Lord Krishna who was manifested into the form of Radha Raman. The temple has the idol of Shaligram which is believed to be the self-manifested idol and the temple also has the samadhi of Gopal Bhatta that’s built next to the idol of the Radha Raman. It is one of the most popular temples of Thakur Ji of Vrindavan that attracts the devotees from around the country.

Sacred tour to Radha Raman Temple

The temple was built in the year 1572 and holds great significance among the pilgrims. Though it is named after Radha Rani yet the temple has no idol of Radha in it. The temple has an architecture in the modern Hindu-style designs that enhance its magnificence. There are lots of experiences to gather for travellers.

  • You can take a tour of Braj including Love Braj that is captivating and participate in many youth activities.
  • There are lots of festivals and pooja ceremonies that happen in the region to participate and get the blessings of the Lord Radha Raman.
  • You can participate in the special celebration on occasions like Janmashtami, Jhulan yatra, Radhashtami, Chandan yatra, Ram Navami when the temple is beautifully decorated and holy vibes mixed in the air.

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Radha Raman Temple, Vrindavan


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