Radha Kund


Radha Kund is one of the devotional ponds located in a village called Arita across Govardhan hill. It is recognized as the purest place constructed by Radha with his bangles. This pond is correlated with Radha Krishna’s sweet memories. They performed Raslila in the bank of this holy pond. This spot associated with Kanha holds a special attachment in the heart of devotees. Tourists across worldwide generally come to this well-known pond along with Shyama Kund to dive into spiritual water.

The specialty of Radha Kund: Devotional place:

  • A dearest place to Lord Krishna
  • An ideal spot for spending quality time with loved ones.
  • The personified love of Radha which lead couples to attract the place
  • Krishna has announced that if anyone takes a dip in Radha kund, he will get his love.
  • The water from Krishna flowed toward Radha Kund.
  • This place is recognized as the supreme holy places with magical properties
  • Visit Radha Kund during the winter season with awesome weather.
  • This place is open throughout year visitors can explore the place between 6 am to 7 pm

Historical story:

According to scripture, Krishna’s uncle named Kans used to send different demons to destroy lord Krishna to keep himself protected. Among those demons, Arishta is one who came in a bull appearance. Krishna killed that devil to protect his friends.

After killing that threatening demon when Krishna greet Radha she jokingly denied to touch him and asked Krishna to bath in divine water if he wants to play with her. After hearing this Krishna constructed a Kunda named Krishna Kund and takes a bath in it and teases her.

After this, Radha rani also digs a pond with his bangle adjacent to the Krishna pond.known as Radha Kund. Foreigners come here to take a dip in this pond to alleviate themselves from all their sins.

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Radha Kund


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