Pink city, Jaipur

Pink City

Jaipur is named the town of Rose and tourists can understand the meaning of the name immediately after their arrival. Each building in the walled historical center has a painted “pink” terracotta with a few exceptions.

This color is so critical for the town’s heritage that local law applies. Given the troubles and lack of infrastructure at Jaipur, the why there is a coherent color scheme running through the city can be disconcerting for tourists. This guide describes the history of Jaipur’s rose.

Jaipur is commonly referred to as Rajasthan’s Pink City, which is not only Pink but the colorful city in India as well. The town mixes Indian and contemporary culture. The first planned city in India is possibly Jaipur. It was designed as a color sign for hospitality in Pink color. The city gives both the visitors and localities an endless experience.

Pink city has its sounds and flavors, beautifully blended and with a whole different exposure. It’s all about forts, museums, wine, monuments, shopping and more. It is still considered a visitor or infant in the city to experience the world.

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Pink city, Jaipur


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