Paragliding in Leh Ladakh


As much as Leh is famed from its treks, the high altitudes, cavernous valleys, and strong winds make it an ideal destination for paragliding as well. Adventurers and thrill-seekers can regale in the azure skies while getting mesmerized by the pristine white and lush green landscape below. Paragliding in Leh is allowed only between the months of October and June. Paragliding contests abound during this time and attracts tourists in multitudes for these events. Several peaks with towering elevation are chosen as bases for the dive, while the picturesque shores of the Indus river form the ideal platform for landings.

Several clubs and tour operators in Leh offer these paragliding activities. They have highly trained and experienced operators to guide you through the activity and ensure your safety at all levels. The Khardung ranges are a popular base for paragliding and has been operational for this activity since 1996. You can also enjoy thrilling paragliding rides at the scenic Nubra Valley overlooking the Nubra River in the east and the Shyok River across the west. Another charming spot for the perfect sky and land adventure is the Pangong Tso lake. Climb over the peaks surrounding the lake and glide over the lake soaking in the exotic landscape all around.

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Paragliding in Leh Ladakh


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