Pakka Talab, Nahan

Pakka Talab, Nahan

Pakka Talab is one of the important places to visit in Nahan, Himachal Pradesh. From the name itself, it is obvious that the main attraction of this place is the ‘talab’ which means a lake or a pond.

It was the main water source for the people in the town. It is a historical pond that closely related to the history of the Siramur district itself.

Now it was cleaned and perfectly maintained. In addition, more charm was added to it by installing a water fountain. Pakka Talab is a perfect sit away place to breathe a calmer air. Fishing is also allowed here as a time pass amusement because various kinds of fishes are in the pond. This is not a place for a tourist attraction. Therefore it is the place to better know the local culture of Nahan. An adjacent market place for wholesale veggies is a place where local people interact more and you are interested you can have a walk-in through to know the real taste of Himalayan soil.

Again, Pakka Talab becomes a notable place in Nahan as it falls for the celebration floor for two popular cultural festivities. There is a nearby Shiva Temple and dargah and if you wish to add more spiritual note to your journey, then pay visit to these places too.

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Pakka Talab, Nahan


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