Nandprayag is one of the five prayags of Alaknanda river and lies at the confluence of River Alaknanda and River Nandakini. The town is located in the Himalayan ranges and considered one of the religious places in Uttarakhand. Tourists from all over the country visit here owing to its spiritual significance.

The Enchanting Experience in Nandprayag

It is believed that the King Nand performed a holy ritual on a foundation stone of the main temple due to which the birth of Lord Krishna took place in Nandprayag. The place has snowy mountain peaks and the views of the Nandprayag is what attracts the devotees and tourists from every part of the country.

People take a dip in the holy river to free up their souls from sins and enjoy the blissful tour of the town. The scenes of the city make your trip even more meaningful with all the natural spots, beautiful sites and explore the local markets during your trip. All of these at Nandprayag make your journey even more blissful.

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