Nakki Lake, Mount Abu

Nakki Lake

Nakki Lake is a paradise for nature lovers in Mount Abu, situated in the Aravalli mountains, in the local region known as Nakki Jheel. This lake is a jewel of mountain Abu flanked by beautiful natural wonders. This is the first man-made lake in India, about 11,000 meters deep and a quarter of a mile long. The fascinating lake is situated in the center of the hill station, surrounded by luxurious scenery, mountains, and oddly-formed rocks. It’s fun to see Mount Abu’s history before you as you pass across the calm waters of Nakki Lake. The destination is ideal for nature lovers and fans of photography.

On 12 February 1948 Mahatma Gandhi’s ashes were submerged in the Nakki dam, which is linked to several legends, and in the immediate neighborhood of Gandhi Ghat. It is also seen as Mount Abu’s loving lake, provided that the cool, blue and green waters produce a romantic feel. The proud tribe of Garcia is also considered to be the holiest lake. This enhances its beauty thanks to the natural wonders apparent from the Nakki River. On a hill nearby, the popular Toad Rock looks like a toad that is jumping into the water. A road to Sunset Point is next to Nakki Lake.

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Nakki Lake, Mount Abu


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