Mountaineering, Kullu

Mountaineering in Kullu

Mountaineering is one of the daring and adventurous activities that travellers take up to add some fun to their travel stories. You climb the snow-capped mountain peaks and rocky terrains in Kullu that becomes a fun and exciting experience. Tourists and travellers from all over the country come and take mountaineering as a journey that gives them amazing sights to behold and exhilarating experience through the heights of stunning peaks.

Adventurous Mountaineering Experience in Kullu

Though the route could be difficult and exhausting thus, people take challenges to achieve their records and set up new goals for the future. The records the heights of the mountains while covering the distance on their feet and boost their confidence. But the efforts and hard work are all worthy as you get a delightful experience like never before on completing the route.

  • You can plan your mountaineering trip to the ranges like Beas Kund, Shitidhal peak Hanuman Tibba and Pir Panjal range that must be scaled.
  • You can set-up your camps on the mountains in case of multi-days mountaineering due to the long route.
  • Make sure you are likely to adapt to the different types of weather and conditions as mountaineering need high stamina to reach the peaks of the rocky trails.

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Mountaineering, Kullu


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