Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

Set on one of the oldest mountain areas in the country, Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary has a wide plateau and includes Guru Shikhar, the highest summit at the Rajasthan. It is a little treat to spend several hours or days in Mount Abu while on vacation in the desert state. The park in the jeep takes just two hours. Upon request, you can spend a full holiday walking in the park.

The history of Asiatic and Bengali lions, though last seen decades, was a part of this sanctuary. Popular species are primarily mongoose, sambar, Indian Leopard, hedgehog, wild boar, and popular langur. There are simply ordinary animals. There are more than 250 bird species and forest and green avadavat are the most impressive birds here. The area of the reservoir is renowned for its birds, crocodiles and little mammals.

If you are interested in cycling, excursions, and discovery, you can visit the sanctuary in winter. Several mammals can be found in summer in the reservoir area. Because of the heat, the limited source of water deep in the forest area dries out mammals forced to visit the tank for the soothing of thirst in summer. Summer is also the best time for your children to spot wildlife. Throughout the summer season, you can find several fascinating flora. For perfect images, the place will be obvious.

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Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary


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