Monkey Point, Kasauli


Monkey Point is among the famous attractions of Kasauli that has religious importance among the tourists. It is one of the highest peaks in Kasauli and located just at a distance of 4 Kms from the Kasauli Bus station. The hilltop house a small temple of Shri Hanuman Ji that has become a religious attraction. It offers the scenic views of the nearby cities like Chandigarh and Panchkula and the beautiful sights of River Sutlej.

Get Spiritual Vibes at the Monkey point

It is believed, as per the Ramayan, that when Hanuman Ji was returning with the medicinal herb ‘Sanjivani Booti’; his foot touched the hilltop and that is why it is called the Monkey point. The temple is entirely devoted to Lord Hanuman and marks his devotees in a huge mass.

  • There is a crowd of monkeys that you’ll find during your visit roaming and bustling all around.
  • You can observe the enchanting views of the rivers, feel the fresh highland breeze and soothe your mind with the sacred sound of the bells from the temple to have an amazing experience at the hill.
  • The temple is a point to witness the breathtaking views, sceneries and serenity in the arms of nature.
  • Travellers including the families, couples and honeymooners visit the place from every corner of the country.

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Monkey Point, Kasauli


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