Mehtab Bagh

Mehtab Bagh has situated on the other side of the bank of the Yamuna River opposite Taj Mahal. Mughals were always in love with making beautiful gardens and the first emperor Babur was famous for his love for gardens and he initiated this practice of making beautiful gardens which has amazing flower plants and fruit plants and trees. Some of these plants and trees were imported from the Middle East.

This garden was made by Shah Jahan who has identified this place as a perfect one to view the Taj Mahal on a moonlit night. Even the name of the garden means Moonlight Garden. It covered an area of around 900 square meters and is a perfect square-shaped garden. The garden had spacious walkways made of white plaster, pools, pavilions and fountains. It is made on the flood plains of the river. This garden was made to be part of the Taj Mahal complex. The garden was surrounded by a brick wall which has some artwork done in red sandstone.

However, since it existed on the flood plains and was neglected for many centuries after the fall of the Mughal Empire so its condition got dilapidated and there were only ruins of the once-famous garden. But ASI took the onus of restoring the glory of the garden to its original form and started the restoration work in the late 90s. They have used the original techniques employed during the Mughal era to restore the garden and even the plants and trees are the same which were planted during that time. The Garden has now been restored to its original grandeur. It is an amazing place where you can spend time and relax and also view the Taj Mahal. The best time to visit the garden is early morning or during sunset, as it offers the majestic view of Taj at that time.

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Best Time To Visit Mehtab Bagh

The best time to visit the Mehtab Bagh is early in the morning or during sunset. At this times, the view of Taj Mahal will be eye-catching
. The gardens is open for 6 AM to 7 PM. Summers start in March to ends in June, summers are hot. July to September is the monsoon season, at this time make the garden soil to be sticky and uncomfortable. At winter season this is one of the best time, which is starts in October and ends in February.

How To Reach Mehtab Bagh

Mehtab Bagh is located at a distance of barely 7-8 kms from the Taj Mahal in the heart of the city Agra, you are easily reached through local electric/battery operated rickshaw. You can hire auto-rickshaws to reach the park.

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Mehtab Bagh


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