Mahasu Peak, Kufri


The Mahasu Peak is the highest point in Kurfi, near the state capital Shimla. It is one of the best sights in Kufri to enjoy the winter season. The Mahasu Peak offers a charismatic view of Kedarnath and Badrinath peaks on clear days. The peak is at a relatively high altitude of 9000 feet.

As this sets in between densely forested deodar, pine, and other alpine trees one can choose to climb as their own. It is an apt place for practicing to the novice trekkers before hitting the difficult peaks. Otherwise, the better option is to climb the hill on horseback. If it is your first ride on horseback it will add another amusement to your journey.

On climbing the peak up you pause for visit to Nagdevata temple, popular deity in the valleys. Many recreation facilities are available on the top of the peak. During winter it becomes the playground of snow lovers. Skiing, trekking, and hiking are the best in the to-do list in Mahasu Park.

If wandering around in an apple orchard thrills you, Mahasu Peak can be hiked with greater enthusiasm. Enveloped in a dense green woods and snow-capped cliffs vistas around one would definitely fall for capturing memory-making snaps.

Adventure for a lifetime at Mahasu Peak

Kufri is a famous hill station among the vacationers and Mahasu peak is one of the best attractions of the place. It attracts tourists owing to its unmatched beauty and adventure activities that allow tourists to come and enjoy a memorable tour at Kufri.

  • You can see the Badrinath and Kedarnath ranges from the Mahasu ridge on clear sky days.
  • You can indulge in skiing at the best slopes of the Mahasu ridge and become more familiar with the activity.
  • There is the temple of Nag Devta at the top of the peak where you can stop and seek blessings while your trip.
  • Get yourself immerse into the adventure sports around the Mhasu peak and soothe your eyes with the picturesque from the top of the cliff.

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Mahasu Peak, Kufri


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