Lower Bazar, Shimla


Lower Bazar is another street road like Mall Road and it stays just below the Road. The bazaar is also known as Subzi Mandi. As it is a trading center the place is always full of energy. The lower road starts from Bus stand in Shimla.

The lower bazaar displays a number of shops that are connected to one another. Plenty of items including wooden crafts, seasonal dresses, and gadgets like mobile phone are available at the lower bazaar at a cheap rate. Different types of wooden sticks are a major attraction here. The native artists exhibit good proficiency over it. The lower bazaar later ends in a bookselling area where you can have a wide variety of it.

An evening stroll through the lower bazaar can offer a picking up of daily usable at lower prices. At the same time the street unfolds a local culture of the state.

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Lower Bazar, Shimla


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