Kwani Bugyal

Kwani Bugyal

Kwani Bugyal is located 13 km from Auli and known for panoramic views of Himalayan and beauty of the surroundings. It is a place of lush greenery and snow-capped mountains that attracts honeymooners, trekkers and tourists to spend a rejuvenating vacation in the midst of nature. The place is at the elevation of 3380 metres from sea level and provides heavenly experience.

Inspiring vacation for adventurers

The place has unmatched beauty preserved for the tourists to spend a memorable holiday. Tourists can have an adventurous trekking experience here with nearby attractions including Nanda Devi and Dunagiri that attracts tourists in a large number. People who are looking to spend some time in the lap of nature with green mountains must visit here in spring.

The young adventurers come here to seek pleasure in the snow-capped mountains and indulge in trekking to reconnect with their own self. The place is always among the choices of the tourists who love adventure, sightseeing and experience like never before.

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Kwani Bugyal


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