Kusum Sarovar, Govardhan


Kusum Sarovar is also called as Sumana Sarovar, is an awesome sandstone landmark situated in Vrindavan of Govardhan hills. It is a devotional place for Hindu. The Kusuma represents flowers and according to scriptures, in this reservoir, Gopis used to pick blossoms for Lord Krishna. The water of this spot is ideal for dips and one can enjoy swimming in it. This water tank is beautifully bordered by magnificent stone and forest containing distinct flowers such as Mallika, chameli, roses, Juhi, Veli and more. It is enclosed with a flock of stairs to go down in it. Moreover, breathtaking paintings are displaying Radha and Krishna’s pastime memories.

Why one should visit Kusum Sarovar

  • Kusum Sarovar is a 25-minute walk from the river Radha Kunda.
  • It is a beautiful mahal surrounded by water
  • Delightful sunset view and aarti ceremony during the evening
  • The temple has an alluring Rajastani structure and architecture.
  • The place offers peace and tranquillity
  • Safe swimming in Green colour water
  • It is 450 feet long tank with 60 feet deep incrust and gallery walls.

Mythological significance of Kusum Sarovar

It is believed, Lord Krishna and Radha rani used to secretly meet in Kusum Sarovar. Krishna collects blossoms and makes crown or chain for Radha on the bank of this pond. There are a lot of kadamb trees are present there to enjoy the beautiful view of the sunset during the evening. It is believed that Lord Krishna played the flute under these trees. Thus, pilgrims from all over the world attract to this Govardhan attraction to explore the beautiful structure of Sarovar, and the amazing paintings representing the life of Krishna.


The Glorious buildings with red sandstone were constructed by Jawahar Singh on behalf of his father named Raja Suraj Mal and the king of Bharatpur. This reserve was reassembled by Raja Veer Singh (king of Orchha) in 1935. Maharaja Suraj Mal had changed this pond by adding a garden of flowers in it.

How can you plan your trip to Kusum Sarovar?

If you planned a trip to Mathura then never forget to visit the Kusum Sarovar, you can easily drive this place without facing any transportation difficulty. Simply hire a Cab or Auto. You can visit there anytime throughout the year. There are various ashrams and other temples nearby to explore like Radha Kund, Girihraj Maharaj, Har deva Ji temple and more.

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Kusum Sarovar, Govardhan


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