Kuldhara Village

Kuldhara Village

Seventeen kilometers from the village Kuldhara, once wealthy, is now in ruins, and many open houses in a state of desperation are left. Upon first sight, this cursed ghost city, Kuldhara, drives people’s faith in metaphysics and paranormal events up and instantly.

The tale goes like that. When this village was home to some 1500 Brahmin Paliwals, who have lived peacefully and comfortably in this group for over five centuries. One night, however, the entire population – including 85 towns – disappeared overnight in darkness. And where they went nobody knows. For decades, people speculated about the reason the inhabitants had fled overnight.

Many unusual and unexplained occurrences in this location have put many ghost hunters and crazy paranormal groups into contact with one another. Many from all over the world visit Kuldhara to see Rajasthans dark and spooky side and to discover mysteries that have made this place godforsaken for years in just one night.

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Kuldhara Village


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