Khuri, Jaisalmer


On the outskirts of Jaisalmer, about 40 km is situated Khuri dunes. From the main town, southwest. Khuri is a tiny and beautiful town with very few inhabitants and yet its majestic beauty. Khuri is renowned for its desert beauty, where traditional lifestyles and folklore Rajasthan can be witnessed at their best. There are enough dunes here to keep you safe. In the land of Rajput, you can get the best view of native Rajasthan from the strewd mud homes and the plain living room of the locals.

You get an unforgettable view of stubborn paved roads, narrow streets and other camels and the vibrant local bazaar from camels to their awe-inspiring highlights. Here visitors regularly plan campfires and listen to ‘Kalbeliyas’ songs.

The sands of Khuri are still very unexplored. Between October until March, the best time to go to the Khuri sandy dunes is when summer is too dry. Desert safari, sand dunes, and Sam sand dunes are the best to be done in Khuri.

Khuri has some of the best resorts and homes with good facilities in a typical Rajasthan style where local people work. Dune visits are planned regularly for resorts and homestays. Camping in the deserts is a perfect choice for those who want to count stars at night.

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Khuri, Jaisalmer


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