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Kasauli club in Solan district Himachal Pradesh is considered to be one of the best social clubs in the country. It is located in Kasauli, a confinement town established by the British Raj in 1842 as a colonial hill station. It is at a distance of 77 kilometers from Shimla. Taking membership in the Kasauli Club is considered to be the most prestigious one. Situating in the premise of the Indian Army office at the height of 6142 feet, It is the most serene and calm place in Kasauli.

The Kasauli Club was started in the year 1880 as a joint venture of civilians as well as service personnel but the current name was given to it in 1898. In the beginning, it was used as a gathering space exclusively reserved for British people especially men. Women were only admitted to reside during winter. Later, in 1951, two Indian regiment officers named Solan and Subath were admitted as honorary members.

It was a charm created in wood and plaster and exhibits a particular hill architecture. Once the building was destroyed by flame and the losses were huge. By 2005 it was rebuilt but the rules and regulations have been the same for years.

There are many kinds of membership cards are available in Kasauli club, but getting into it is not an easy thing. They follow strict dress code for everything and no one will be allowed to enter it without keeping that.

There is a popular festivity organized in Kasauli Club named ”Kasauli Queen” which nearly gathers it’s every member to participate.

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Kasauli Club, Kasauli


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