Kasauli Brewery


Kasauli Brewery is the oldest breweries and distilleries in entire Asia and located just at a few minutes distance from the Kasauli bus stop. It puts in use the same old methods of brewing the best malt whiskeys that are famous worldwide. It was established in the year the 1820s by Sir Edward Abraham Dyer and people go there in groups of their friends to taste the finest and the best Malt whiskey of the world.

Flavours of the Oldest Brewery in Kasauli

Due to the rise in population in the region, the distillery was relocated in Solan bu the Kasauli Brewery is still popular as the oldest brewer and distillery in the world. There are lots of things that travellers can indulge themselves in and enjoy their time in the midst of the brewery.

  • You can go there and see around how the plantation of the most excellent malt whiskey is made.
  • Talk to the workers in the fields and get some knowledge on the process of making one of the finest Malt whiskeys.
  • Take your friends along and savour the flavour of the whiskeys that are prepared with the old techniques.
  • You can also enjoy the nearby fields and beauty and take the picture to capture the memories.

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Kasauli Brewery


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