Kamna Devi Temple, Shimla


Kamna Devi temple is a popular Hindu Temple devoted to Kaali that situates in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. This temple is in the prospect hill at the height of 2155 meters from the sea level and it’s surrounding views are a true blessing for every soul especially for nature lovers.

Kamna Devi Temple is at a distance of 5 km from the city. It can be accessed on foot from Boileauganj on Shimla -Bilaspur road. The additional distance can be climbed up, though it does not seem to be easy. There is a popular assumption that anyone who climbs up the hard way up to the hill would be sanctified with the fulfillment of their wish by the deity.

The temple is believed to be built by Rana of Junga. It survives on the top of the hill enveloped with the peculiar Himalayan trees like pines and deodar. The surrounding hill impressions are also enchanting.

Except for the religious importance, Kamna Devi Temple exhibits the prospects of lush green lands and meadows. The beautiful natural scenery of the gigantic mountains like Tara Devi, from its surroundings, illustrates a mind-blowing treat for the eyes. Trekking and other adventurous activities add to the luxuries of the site.

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Kamna Devi Temple, Shimla


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