Kali Bari Temple


The Kali Bari temple is a famous temple in Shimla that is dedicated to Goddess Kali and has become a tourist’s attractions for the travellers. The holy shrine that was built in 1845 has lots of deities of Goddess kali and possess great significance among the devotees. The temple is beautiful and adorned with jewellery on the idols and marks a large number of devotees who come and spend some time at the temple to have religious vibes.

Significance of the temple

The temple was built in the name of Maa kali whose other name is Shyamala. The place Shimla derives its name from the name of the goddess and this is the reason why the tourists of Shimla pay their visit to the temple to get the blessings during their trip.

  • The locals had a faith that the Goddess abides on the Jakhoo Hill where the temple was located earlier but relocated to kali Bari By the Britishers.
  • You can visit the temple during Navaratri when the temple is most visited by the devotees.
  • You can participate in the evening Aarti and witness the divine view of the temple when the devotees sing the holy verses along with the priests of the temple.

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Kali Bari Temple


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