Juhu Beach


Who does not like strolling on the beach with their loved ones? One of the most popular Indian beaches, the Juhu Beach is the longest one in town and well-known for its variety of spicy street food. The adjoining area of Juhu is one of the high-class localities in the city, which are home several Bollywood and TV personalities. Also, you can bump into a celebrity jogging on the beach. People from far off places prefer exploring this beach, as it gives them a soothing atmosphere. Its pictorial beauty leaves them in awe.

Furthermore, you can come across TV shoots that are often held on the beach. Roasted corn vendors, acrobats, and toy-sellers exert a pull on locals and tourists alike. Located a few metres away is the icon ISKCON Temple. Make sure you visit the temple and pay your homage to the deity. You can even catch an amazing theatre performance at the well-known Prithvi Café.

Major Tourist Attractions In and Around Juhu Beach

There is a lot you can see and so around Juhu Beach. The sunset will take your breath away, so make sure you don’t miss it at any cost. No matter you are a local or tourist, carrying a camera when heading to the beach is a great idea. You don’t want to miss those terrific moments that are worthy of your memories.

Juhu Beach is located close to a multitude of tourist attractions. Some of them include Siddhivinayak Temple, Holy Cross Church, ISKCON Temple, St. Joseph’s Church, and many more. Siddhivinayak Temple is one such great temple in Mumbai that’s frequently visited by celebrities.

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Juhu Beach


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