Jamu Peak, Nahan


If you are searching for a place to begin a first time trekking in Himachal Pradesh you can go for Jamu Peak in Nahan for free. It is just around 45 minutes climb even though it is not necessary that you should climb it up. As it is a steep but well-constructed path for comfort children may find it quite delightful.

It is around 8 km from the Renuka lake and the best comfortable getaway place for tranquility.

There is a temple dedicated to Jamudagni here and he used to meditate on the banks of the adjacent river. According to popular belief, he is one Saptarshis and his youngest son Parashu Ram is believed to be the sixth incarnation of Hindu Deity Vishnu.

If visiting a temple is not your priority the short trekking experience, as well as the panoramic visual on top of the hill, will attract you for sure.

Yes, the main attraction of Jamu Peak is the surrounding visual treat it gives to the climber on top of it. Really mesmerizing twilight will fill your heart and soul like as if you are spellbound. For this same scene, Jamu Peak is worth visiting for a beautiful memory snap with family and friends.

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Jamu Peak, Nahan


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